Major Shia Sunni Debate

Day 1 - Topic sets Dialogue Foundation

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Published by on February 1, 2012


Major Shia Sunni Debate




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Name : Major Shia Sunni Debate Post Type : Shia Sunni Munazra Present By :

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  • Major Shia Sunni Debate

Format :

1. First 23 Days : Sunni Sheikh Thahir ul Qadri (la) 2. Next 26 Days : Shia Syed abbas Abedi & Dr. Ghulam Hussain Adeel

This Program Has The Capability To Shake Heart & Change Lives. Watch The Battle Of Heart a intellects. Which is the Proper Aqeedah? You be the Judge At The END

Requirements For The Viewer : An unbiased mind seeking higher realities free form prejudice & blind fanaticism

Language : Urdu

Ghulam Hussain Adeel & Syed Abbas Abedi

Day 24 - Confusion - the Middle Course

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  • Ashfaq

    Quran is primary and most reliable book of evidence If clear evidence can be like those verses which speak of mousa and Haroon than it’s well and good, otherwise it’s pointless using other sources than the most reliable book….

  • asad warraich

    aur na he aap(saww) k dour mein koi shia, sunni, ya wahabi ka koi concepttha

  • asad warraich

    we r just Muslims & have to follow Quran and Sunnah

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